Commuting in Groups

In July 2020 I submitted my honours thesis which was titled “Commuting in Groups” and supervised by Professor Anthony Licata. You can read the abstract below and the full thesis here.


In this thesis, we study four different classes of groups coming from geometric group theory. Each of these classes are defined in terms of fellow traveller conditions. First we study automatic groups and show that such groups have a solvable word problem. We then study hyperbolic groups and show that a group is hyperbolic
if and only if it is strongly geodesically automatic. We also show that a group is hyperbolic if and only if it has a divergence function. We next study combable groups and examine some examples of groups that are combable but not automatic. Finally we introduce biautomatic groups. We show that biautomatic groups have a solvable conjugacy problem and that many nilpotent groups cannot be subgroups of biautomatic groups. Finally we introduce Artin groups of finite type and show that all such groups are biautomatic.

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