An art and maths collaboration

Over the course of the past year I have had the pleasure to work with the artist Sanne Carroll on her honours project at the Australian National University. I was one of two mathematics students that collaborated with Sanne. Over the course of the project Sanne drew patterns and would ask Ciaran and I to recreate them using some mathematical or algorithmic ideas. You can see the final version of project here: (best viewed on a computer).

I always loved the patterns Sanne drew and the final project is so well put together. Sanne does a great job of incorporating her drawings, the mathematical descriptions and the communication between her, Ciaran and me. Her website building skills also far surpass anything I’ve done on this blog!

It was also a lot of fun to work with Sanne. Hearing about her patterns and talking about maths with her was always fun. I also learnt a few things about GeoGebra which made the animations in my previous post a lot quicker to make. Sanne has told me that she’ll be starting a PhD soon and I’m looking forward to any future collaborations that might arise.